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This product is an absolute game changer. The legendary drummer Questlove took to social media back in 2014 and said, “This big fat snare drum mute strip is a godsend! Fattens the sound like Dirty Mind era Prince or good Doobie yacht rock low snare.” As the drummer for Yacht Rock Revue, I knew I had to see what all of the hype was about. Years later, I still rely on a wide variety of the muffles and jingles to dial in the perfect sound both live and in the studio. These products have rescued more backlined kits than I care to remember!


With all of the choices of drum kits to play, there is only ONE choice in drum monitoring. My BC2 system allows me to relax and focus on the most important element of drumming: Groove. There is a magical subtlety to the low end that was always lost before. I’ll never look at drumming the same way again.


The only sticks that I consistently return to after trying someone else's recommendation is Vic Firth. They were the first pair of sticks I ever purchased as a kid and have used various models in so many musical applications over the years. 


I've always been drawn to things that are classic, and to me there is nothing more classic than a pair of Vic Firth sticks. They are the ultimate compliment to my drum kit and create an instant comfort level that allows me to focus on groove and musicality.

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